Immediate precise production with no dispersion


In the Wolrd where it is possible to produce a complex part in few minutes, is it sitll acceptable to wait several dozen of minutes or even hours to get measuring results used to set-up the machine-tool?

Facing the increase of machine-tool complexity, how to simplify the tool wear compensation process to reduce the changeover time?

With Dynamic Process Control (DPC), ESPI brings the relevant answer to these questions by offering Scanflash, an ultra-fast measuring machine and Tools’Driver, an automatic tool wear compensation software allowing to quickly set-up the machine tool.

Watch the video showing an example of DPC used in shopfloor and directly integrated on the HMI of a machining centre

Leaflet DPC



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On small, medium or large production batches, Dynamic Process Control maximizes production profitability with:


  • More chip to chip time by quartering the time taken for each changeover
  • More good parts by reducing the quantity of discarded parts, the 2nd piece will already be a good one
  • Better accuracy through target focused machining
  • More flexibility for single piece production by reducing size of economic batches
  • More cash-flow reducing cash needs through stock reduction
  • More direct and indirect costs savings, less time spent by machine-operators, less time needed for controls*
  • More robustness in machining processes through Software support for machine-operators