3 Tips To Get Bookkeeping Clients With Search Engines & Local Seo

How do bookkeepers get clients

Also have a call to action ready so the audience has a next step to take to work with you and get more information on your business. It notifies your followers that you’re going live so it’s a great way to get free engagement. Connect with X amount of people a day who are in your target market .

Adding advisory accounting services to your menu can be a great long-term play. Past clients who consider you a trusted financial advisor can be a good referral source. Plus, advisory clients provide higher monthly fees, reducing the number of total clients you need to be profitable. For example, accounting firms who handle tax returns might take advantage of tax seasons to send follow-ups and reminders to past clients or prospects who haven’t taken the leap yet.

How do bookkeepers get clients

This is an easy way to expand and maintain your client base. Before you can start looking for clients, you need to know who you are looking for and where to find them. While you don’t have to be a CPA to become a bookkeeper, there is some prep and training involved.

~ How Do I Find My First Clients?

Your mileage may vary by country, but give it a chance if you’re in a location where people search using Bing. Users also tend to be older and wealthier, which may be the perfect combination for your business. You also don’t need to give a monetary reward for your referral program. Many times things like branded clothing, gift cards, or credit for your services actually perform better than cash. While groups for your industry are great for advice and feedback, they won’t drive a ton of clients. The best groups to join to get new clients are for adjacent industries where your clients hang out. As a lawyer or accountant you could ask to join the Digital Agency Owners group and make a post asking if anybody needs some free advice and pitch in when you can.

You can always attend professional events, too, such as conferences and networking events. Don’t forget that investing in your business means investing in yourself. Just make sure you have a plan to pay off the balance before the introductory offer ends and a variable APR sets in. Once you’ve picked a business name, the next step is to register your business and make things official. The exact process will vary depending on how you plan on structuring your business and where you’re planning to do business.

As an accountant, you know the steps to determine exactly what they owe and how to avoid problems in the future. One common problem with both lead nurturing and on-boarding is that there’s too much talking and not enough listening. With the right questions, it’s possible to collect the information you need to close the deal with prospective clients and demonstrate your value to new clients. This is a commonly asked question I get from bookkeepers just starting out. I charge a flat fee, but it is based on how much time I expect my engagement to take monthly times what I want my hourly rate to be. I understand that the actual rate will fluctuate each month, but it gives me an expectation to compare to.

How do bookkeepers get clients

Early on, I spoke to a CPA mentor at ASBA and he said that networking isn’t the best way to go for accountants. I didn’t believe him at first, but after some time passed, I saw that he was right. When it comes to knowing how to get bookkeeping clients from home, the best place to look is to your existing clients. Perhaps they have been around the small local business world for a while and know more business owners who need your services. Offer a small reward or discount for referring new clients your way. The initial networking might also generate immediate prospective clients who have a need you can meet with your bookkeeping services. Ask your best clients to spread the word about your firm.

How To Get Your First 10 Clients

It may seem trivial, but this method has worked for many people. Becoming a reliable source of information about accounting, tax compliance, and best business practices is one great way to get known in your industry. You can do this by sharing free, helpful resources through writing updated blog posts on your website.

  • A referral program is a great way to get more bookkeeping clients within a specific industry, however, it is not the only way to get clients.
  • You might even find people looking for bookkeeping services.
  • With her experience in B2B and E-commerce, Lisa is passionate about doing marketing research and delivering insights to the community.
  • Get to know other local businesses in the financial sphere.
  • Any service-providing business owner could use this calculator as a tool to track how many clients they need in order to make the income they desire.
  • She writes business plans for startups and established companies and teaches marketing and promotional tactics at local workshops.

From here, you can start building a growth strategy for your business. After all, a ‘take on all’ approach is very difficult to manage without additional staff resources. You can include an ideal client analysis as part of your next business plan – then you’ll have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. It’s well-known that accountants win the majority of new clients through referrals. Better yet, these clients are likely to already trust you and make the onboarding process smoother. Many accounting firms fail because they are unable to keep up with the increasing workload. Their workflow processes are not designed to scale, which decreases the firm’s performance.

When you are just getting started, softwares like Quickbooks and Freshbooks are an easy and affordable way to get your bookkeeping business started. If the word “networking” makes you shudder, don’t worry. It’s not about passing out business cards, giving your elevator sales pitch, or connecting with dozens of people on LinkedIn with no real connection. Instead, it’s about finding common ground and mutual benefit. A trusted advisor becomes an integral part of the client’s business, often leading to referrals and long-term client relationships. Choose one advisory service to offer and build from there. A great way to do this is to become certified with your accounting software and join a partner program.

The Bottom Line On How To Start A Bookkeeping Business

You’ll create audiences out of people that have been to your website or clicked on your content, and make those audiences on the major marketing systems. Besides the ability to put the google reviews on the ad , we can also show up in a highly prominent manner on the top, and use language that leverage your local business appeal.

How do bookkeepers get clients

Also collect contact info from your audience and follow up post-event. There are plenty of CPAs, coaches, and advisors out there whose services complement yours.

Client Management

But do remain true to who you are and what your business is about. Accounting professionals who have found success as thought leaders stress the importance of sharing knowledge freely.

  • That being said, it can be a great way to target professionals like lawyers and accountants.
  • Another good idea is to network with other bookkeeping freelancers.
  • This will also show that you care about their happiness and satisfaction and that you intend to deliver top-notch service.
  • They may also not be the most up to speed bookkeeper, because they are doing double duty and often it is something they picked up rather than what they trained to do full time.
  • Once you feel confident, start your own threads by posing questions and posting your blogs.

For example, if you’re on the first page of Google for the above keyword, you’ll get 1000’s of hits to this single blog post each year. This is my favorite marketing strategy in the bookkeeping profession to get bookkeeping clients. Collect business cards from every new business owner you meet. The next day, hop on to LinkedIn, sort through them, and connect with all business owners you met and send a personalized message. In the beginning, you should have enough time on your hands to head to several of these a week to get some word of mouth on the streets and to get to know local businesses in the area. Be prepared to hit the streets to mingle with new business owners to acquire your first few new clients. 2) To get clients, showcase a simple “how it works” process so that visitors know the steps they’ll need to follow to reach the benefits and outcomes that you have listed above.

Bookkeeper Q And A: Bookkeeping Certification, Doing Payroll, And More

Twitter’s pretty easy to get started with since their cost per click is quite low, so you can mess up and not spend a fortune. People often overlook Twitter ads but it can be effective and cheap if used correctly. Promoted tweets are very easy to set up and can drive social engagement, clicks to your site and conversions. Deck out your profile and deliver amazing answers to questions that are relevant to your business.

Know of any other accounting or bookkeeping client questions that can help firms show their value to prospective clients? These last few additions to your new accounting client questionnaire are questions a bookkeeper should ask a client, too. A client’s business structure will affect every aspect of accounting and bookkeeping. Whether they’re a Sole Proprietor, an LLC, an S-Corp, or a C-Corp, it’s important to know. Their answer may suggest other questions that should be included in your accounting client on-boarding checklist template.

Have you asked your clients to refer your services, or indeed made it easy to? If you have a solid and loyal client-base, they’d probably be more than happy to. And even if you’re starting out, they know that business relies on building good impressions.

Step Two: Evaluate The Firm

Below are 4 proven ways to land your next 50 clients without spending a dime on marketing. How do bookkeepers get clients Online advertising has also become an important tool for the B2B market.

Sharing your knowledge can be a great way to build your credibility and your brand. And the way people consume information on the web today makes it easier than ever to establish yourself as a thought leader.

And, I feel like a MacBook lasts longer than any other Windows-based laptop out there. Become known as a reliable source of expert, up-to-date knowledge around accounting, compliance, best practice, and business hacks. Obtain a database of new prospects that fit your target market, and send a stress ball in the shape of a dollar sign or a $50 bill as an unusual and fun way to grab their attention. The bulkiness of the package will make them open the envelope. They won’t soon forget you once they see the item inside. Include a message that explains the purpose of the stress ball, such as suggesting they wouldn’t have any stress at all if they hired your company for their bookkeeping needs. When you reach out, we’ll connect virtually and find ways to move your business upward and forward.

Once you have a long-term target set for how you want to start an accounting firm business, you’re going to work backward to create a 1-year plan for your full-time small business. At this point, I’m a skeptic about any online https://www.bookstime.com/ advertising. I’m terrible at marketing, but my marketing efforts are the only reason why I’m still in business. I created my web page; I created my marketing materials; I created and implemented my own marketing plan .

How To Get Bookkeeping Clients From Home

And trying to clear it up can be an endless stream of back and forth with both sides becoming more frustrated and progress going nowhere. And this assumes you are conversant enough that you can give good direction and provide feedback so they can get what you want done right. There are definitely some advantages to using people outside the US to help you with various business tasks, the biggest one being price.


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